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Questions & Answers

Will the effect be natural?

I will do everything possible so that no one can distinguish short-cut hair from micropigmentation of the scalp! It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of something new, so do your research and do not hesitate to ask me questions. I use the best pigments for scalp micropigmentation and special cartridges to obtain the effect is as natural as possible.

Do I need to totally shave my head?

If the hair loss is too severe, then, unfortunately – yes. However, if you have diffuse hair loss, we can think about thickening without shaving.   You always have to remember that “dots” we make during micropigmentation will never become “line” that your regrown hair creates. To get more information, send photos of your head via e-mail or whatsapp and get the answer in which direction we can go.

Can I choose the hairline?

Of course, you even have to! We can choose the front line together during the initial consultation. If our opinions differ, I’m sure we will find a compromise. We can also recreate the old hairline. Let’s say it’s a “reasonable freedom of choice”!

For who is the scalp micropigmentation procedure?

 The treatment is for people suffering from:

  • male and female androgenetic alopecia,
  • alopecia areata, totalis, universalis 
  • scar alopecia,
  • thin hair after transplantation,
  • naturally thin hair for men and women,
  • thinning hair after chemotherapy,
  • thin hair because of hormonal treatments or after child birth
  • for scars after burns, accidents, after transplantation.
How long do I need to shave my head after a micropigmentation procedure?

Usually every second day, depending on how quick your hair growths.
If the hair is longer and we do only thickening it can be more than 2 days or you just maintain your favourite hair length. 

How many sessions are needed to achieve the optimal effect?

 In most cases 3 sessions with an interval of about a week between the first and second sessions and 3-4 weeks between the second and third session.  Sometimes 4th session is needed – it really depends on individual.

Does the procedure hurt?

Micropigmentation of the scalp is a procedure performed with a needle, but the puncture is quite shallow, so the procedure is much less painful than, for example, a tattoo. Some discomfort occurs, but it is really bearable. The greater bald spots, the longer the session lasts. 
However, clients bravely endure the procedure without any anesthesia.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the hair loss, the session lasts from 1.5 h to 3.5 h. The third session is usually shorter.

Do you use anesthesia?

No, we do not use anesthesia or any other procedure for micropigmentation of the scalp.

What are the contraindications to the procedure?

If you have a skin condition, please tell us what it is, because we can’t actually perform the procedure in all cases.


  • diseases of the scalp (inflammation, ringworm, atopic dermatitis-although there are exceptions, but you may need the opinion of a dermatologist)
  • skin cancer,
  • very vascularized skin,
  • steroid treatments, antibiotic therapy, retinoid medications,
  • some treatments for hair loss; for example, Loxon – minimum 2 months break in using before the procedure.
Should I be shaved before the procedure?

As you wish – you can shave yourself at home before the procedure or at the saloon. If we do this in the clinic, the procedure time will take 20 minutes more.

How do I take care of my scalp after the procedure?
  • First of all, you should avoid intensive exercise for a few days, for example at the gym in order to minimize sweating.
  • Do not shave your head for at least 3 days
  • Do not wash your hair for at least 48h
  • Do not drink alcohol 24h before and after pigmentation.
How long does the micropigmentation effect last?

It all depends on the lifestyle you lead and even on the diet.
We can assume that the optimal effect should be maintained for 2-3 years. Then you will need to make one, max. two touch up session.