About company

Hair Clinique goes against the needs of people whose hair loss and hair thinning have become a complex. We recognize that alopecia is a problem that can significantly affect the quality of daily functioning.


This is an embarrassing problem for both gentlemen and gentlemen, not relevant to the degree of hair thinning.

Who are our services intended for?

  • for men who want to undergo the procedure of micropigmentation of the scalp and find a new, attractive look. Micropigmentation of the scalp can rejuvenate you up to 15 years.
  • for women and men who want to thicken their hair (the gaps on the scalp become less noticeable, the problem of glowing scalp disappears)
  • for women and men after hair transplantation to compact the transplanted area and / or mask scars after transplantation
  • for those who suffer from focal alopecia-we will restore the hair contour on the entire head (Alopecia Totalis and Universalis)
  • for gentlemen who want to thicken their beards


  • replenishment of Slavic hair-for gentlemen and gentlemen. Modern systems with delicate, natural hair. We offer partial or complete sealing of the hair.
We take care of the services rendered. What makes us stand out?

Scalp micropigmentation (Scalp micropigmentation) in our exercise salon is based on the best methods of this service in accordance with international standards. We work on the best pigments and constantly train. Constant development in this industry is simply necessary.

We maintain hygienic standards for our services-all accessories that come into contact with the skin are disposable!

We have full insurance of the services performed-we protect the client and our work.

When choosing a micropigmentation method, also pay attention to whether the activity is registered-this is the only way you have security and confidence in performing the service and applying your rights as a client.

As a few in the price of the service, we also provide a one-year warranty for maintaining micropigmentation.

We understand that you have many questions or doubts about how you will look after the procedure of micropigmentation of the scalp.
Therefore, we invite you to a free consultation in Wroclaw at 38 / 1B Sventokrzyska street or via whatsapp / Tel. when consulting, we will make the contour of the front line according to your taste and our EW. Recommendations.

Micropigmentation technician Marta Kurzawska is also a certified trychologiem with the Institute of Trichologists in London – in case of contraindications for the condition of the scalp and hair, you will receive reliable advice on whether it is possible to perform a micropigmentation procedure for this type of baldness, and what are the possibilities for stable treatment against baldness associated with mikropigmentacją or hair supplements.

About me

…Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Scalp micropigmentation is my passion. Several sessions 2-3 hours each are fully compensated for by the effect we achieved.
Both gentlemen and ladies gain younger look, higher self-esteem. SMP can be also an alternative to hair transplant.  

I trained with the best micropigmentation technicians in Poland and Europe, discovering available methods of the scalp micropigmentation.
Theoretically, micropigmentation of the scalp is about making “dots”, but in a matter of fact, it’s not that simple! Pigmentation should be as natural as possible, gives a beautiful, aesthetic appearance and to achieve that – a random arrangement of the dots is unacceptable.

The technique of micropigmentation is extremely important.
 Practice, experience, aesthetic sense, continuous improvement through participation in trainings and a large dose of patience when performing the procedure are the most desirable features for SMP Artist.

Qualification: Trichologists

In years 2013-2015, I was studying at the Institute of trichologists in London.
At the Insitute we gain knowledge and familize with scientific research on baldness and the latest solutions in this area, coexisting diseases, hair care, etc.

I graduated from the Institute of trichologists in mid-2016 with the title of A. I. T.
In the meantime, I had a practice at the Spencer clinic and the Fulham hair clinic in London.

In turn, in Poland, I continued to study the knowledge, this time in the direction of hiding thinning and masking baldness – thanks to this, I will be able to offer you the right system of hair.