Scalp micropigmentation

What is hidden under the term “micropigmentation of the scalp”?

Micropigmentation of the scalp is an innovative treatment with borderline medical and aesthetic pigmentation. The birthplace of SMP (SCALP micropigmentation) is England and the United States.

It restores the natural appearance of the person affected by the disease, such as: focal alopecia, androgen alopecia, postoperative scars (including after hair transplantation).
It is also indispensable when the hair has not grown back after cancer treatment.

Aesthetic, due to a noticeable improvement in appearance.

What is “the effect of a shaved scalp”?

The effect of a shaved scalp is simply an imitation of hair shaved to zero. Thanks to this, we can restore the frontal hairline in gentlemen, which is most often shifted back, or restore the effect of shaved scalp over its entire surface.

For us, it does not matter what the degree of hair loss is, only the procedure time is then shorter or longer.

Note: to get the desired effect, you must shave your hair. Only after making this decision can we start the procedure and enjoy a phenomenal, new look “after”.
Of course, before the procedure, we can shave your hair for you.

We choose the color of the pigment to create a beautiful, cohesive whole and perfectly match the natural color of your hair and skin type.
In turn, we mark the most important front line for you, if you want, already during the preliminary free consultation.

How long does the procedure take and is it painful?

The procedure lasts from 3 to 5 hours-per session.
However, it takes two/three sessions in about a month to stabilize the pigment.

The pain of the procedure, in turn, is very individual. Most often, it is referred to by the masters as “inconvenient” rather than painful. However, if the entire scalp is subjected to pigmentation, then we will divide one session into two days, that is, several hours of one day and several hours of the second day. However, most often the pigmented area? and this procedure can be performed in one day.

What is the duration of the procedure?

For the procedure, a special pigment is used, which begins to pale after about 2/3 years.
Thus, this is not a permanent effect (as in the case of tattoo ink), so we can make all sorts of adjustments after these 2 years, that is frontal line, bend correction, etc. This is an important advantage, since androgenic alopecia has a progressive character, and it is likely that you will need to Supplement other areas where the hair has disappeared since the last procedure.

Treatment after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, a slight redness of the scalp may persist, which passes completely within a few hours. Discomfort on the scalp also disappears immediately after the completion of the pigmentation procedure.

The only recommendations are a break of a few days from the gym, pool, hard work, and protection of the scalp (especially in the summer).

Free consultation

If you are still hesitant to make a final decision, you do not know what the approximate final effect of the procedure will be


During it, I will answer all your questions and dispel your doubts.

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